Congratulations to the ISOEN 2019 Award Winners!

Wolfgang Göpel Memorial Award Winner

The Best Presentation at ISOEN is rewarded with the Wolfgang Göpel Memorial Award. This award is sponsored by the Göpel family and the Institute of Physical Chemistry (University of Tübingen). The Goepel award exists as a monetary award (€ 1500), and in addition, a plate will be engraved with the name of the winner after the respective conference. The plate will be shown at each conference but is displayed at Tuebingen University.

  • Gabrielle Magna: A Real time classification model for chemical sensor array based on bioinspired olfactory signal processing 

Best Presentation Award Winner

  • Kenshi Hayashi: Human Body Odor Visualization with 2-dimensional sensing

Best Industrial Presentation Award Winner

The Best Industrial Presentation on Electronic Nose or Electronic Tongue applications is rewarded by Alpha-MOS.

  • Norihito Kishimoto: Shodohsima Healthyland, Co. , Evaluation of Filtration on Volatile Organic Compounds in Virgin Olive Oils using an Electronic Nose

Sniffest Winner

ANTT (Active Nose Trail Tracker), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

  • Senior Researcher: Hiroshi Ishida 
  • Team Roster: Tomoki Uno, Maki Sawano