City of Fukuoka

Fukuoka is an energetic city and the center of politics, economy, culture and fashion in Kyushu. Fukuoka has the best yatai(food stalls)in Japan and an outstanding culinary culture, substantial shopping facilities, and well-developed Wi-Fi environments, and offers these and other enhanced city functions in a compact way.

A little known fact about Fukuoka is that it is also the birthplace of Japanese udon noodles. A monument at Jotenji Temple in Hakata ward states that it is the birthplace of udon and soba noodles in Japan. Fukuoka is a leading Japanese center of cuisine where you can enjoy diverse food from all over the world. Visitors from all over Japan and the world will undoubtedly be supremely contented with the city’s magical and delicious food culture.

You can find additional walking tours at Fukuoka Walks and a number of other tours and things to do via the Official Guide to Fukuoka City


Fukuoka Bus Tour

Fukuoka Open Top Bus Tour
You have to take a ride in Fukuoka! The view from about 3 meters up is sure to give you a different experience of Fukuoka! Feel the nature and the wind of Fukuoka,while basking in the ray of sun, and fully enjoy the one-hour attraction.

Fukuoka Castle Remains

Fukuoka Castle Ruins Walk
Fukuoka Castle is one of the largest castles in Kyushu. The castle was made by masters of castle building in 1607 about 400 years ago. When you walk in Fukuoka Castles Ruins, you will find beautiful stone walls and turrets.

Yatai Food Stalls

Fukuoka Yatai Stalls
As dusk falls, over 100 food stalls donned with colorful drapes open for business around the city. Many offer ramen of course, but you can enjoy plenty of original offerings too, from oden winter soup to gyoza dumplings, yakitori grilled chicken skewers and tempura. You will undoubtedly become a Fukuoka fan if you find yourself dining with warm Hakata people at a yatai.

Hakata (Old Town)

Hakata Kyushigai (Old Town) prospered as the hub of Hakata, which is was the largest trade port city in Japan during its Middle Ages (around the late 11th to the late 16th centuries). As a testament of this past, this area exudes the history, tradition, and culture of the era.

Visiting this area will make your travel experiences in Fukuoka more profound; stroll down peaceful streets lined with historic temples and shrines, visit the lively shopping arcade, appreciate the traditional craft and performing arts of Hakata, and experience the lifestyle and culture of the festival-loving locals who are known as Hakatakko.


Fukuoka Walking Tour

Hakata Old Town | Walking Tour
On this tour, you will walk and explore an old town in the “Hakata” area and look at the traditional and contemporary side of Fukuoka. Upon finishing the tour, you will be able to understand the differences between Fukuoka and other cities such as Tokyo and Osaka in Japan.

Hakata Senmon

Hakata Old Town | Self Guided Tour Routes
Hakata Old Town ("Kyushigai") is a district within walking distance of Hakata Station that has kept many interesting streetscapes. The area to the east of Taihaku Dori has shrines and temples in abundance, with plenty of sights including one of Japan's biggest Buddha statues. This course is recommended for those who enjoy walking in places with traditional architecture and character.

Rickshaw Tour

Hakata Old Town | Rickshaw Tour
Let's have a look around the traditional city streets on a Japanese rickshaw! You will explore the buzzing business area as well as the historical part of Hakata while travelling comfortably. The puller will take a souvenir shot of you at a recommended spot as well!