Please find below the tentative titles for the ISOEN 2019 tutorials. More information will become available on Monday, 18 March.


Tutorial A:  Multivariable sensors for selective and stable gas monitoring

  • Radislav A. Potyrailo (GE Global Research)

Tutorial B:  Quantification of odors and the role of electronic noses

  • Jinichi Kita (Shimadzu Corporation)

Tutorial C:  Principle of Gas phase biosensors: Biosniffer & Sniff-cam for medical and healthcare applications

  • Kohji Mitsubayashi and Takahiro Arakawa (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Tutorial D: Challenges of breath sampling in medical applications

  • Jan Mitrovics (JLM Innovation GmbH)

Tutorial E:  Introduction to deep learning applications in robotic olfaction

  • Emily Stark (Florida Atlantic University)

    Tutorial F:  Development & validation of machine learning predictive models

  • Santiago Marco (University of Barcelona)